Mission Statement

The Theatre On The Hill entertains and engages its communities through exceptional, diverse live performances and educational outreach. Committed to broad accessibility and sound financial management.

The cabaret enhances regional quality of life and contributes to a thriving entertainment community. As steward of a historic theater that is home to several valued arts groups,  affirms the arts’ vital role within our communities to promote greater understanding and lift the human spirit.

The TOTH Experience

Great live performance, celebrated artistry, old-world ambience, and memorable events -all are a part of the Theatre On The Hill  Experience. No matter the artist or event, we strive to make your entire time spent with TOTH's comfortable, enjoyable, and most of all, unforgettable!


Both our box office and house management staffs have been specially trained to provide quality customer service. If any part of your experience is not to your satisfaction, let us know, and we'll make sure it receives our highest attention. We work hard so you can take it easy, making your experiences at TOTH's memorable from beginning to end.


The historic décor of The Theatre On The Hill begs for you to arrive a few minutes early to take in its beauty. Just off the main lobby resides the charming and cozy Lounge, where patrons can good drinks and friendly conversation. Outside of the Theatres are gallery spaces for the works of talented  artists.andalso the Open Air pavilion (IF Outdoor Pavilion) a part of our theatres. TOTH's History Hallway offers a fascinating, visual tour of the theatres storied past.