TOTH’s Show Corps currently has over 30 volunteers, and we continue to grow thanks to people like you!


TOTH is a multi-level theater that presents world-renowned artists and a wide variety of entertainment. The majority of our shows are scheduled in the evenings . Each member of the Show Corps is assigned to a squad and each squad is assigned to a show. Every volunteer is required to work all 3 theaters based on assignment.


Please fill out the Show Corps Application and return it to The Theatre On The Hill. You will be contacted as soon as a date has been determined for the next orientation. In the meantime, please IM the Show Corps office at CHADEAU NIGHTHAWK if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you!


TOTH is currently creating new jobs for individual volunteers to provide administrative and staff support. Whether you’re an outgoing personality comfortable talking to large groups, or a quiet individual who just wants to pitch in and help… We will find the right match for you and your schedule. Opportunities include:


Leading tours that inform the public of TOTH’s historical, technical, and cultural splendor

Acting as a host/hostess for the Arts at TOTH


Serving as receptionist in TOTH’s  administrative office

Welcoming and directing visitors upon their arrival at The theater


Assisting The staff at special events

Completing simple office tasks, such as filing, mailings, data entry


Please IM to Oliver Elton . You will be contacted to schedule an interview and determine the right fit for you.

For more information, please IM to Oliver Elton.



Thank you for helping TOTH !